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བློ། (Wyl. blo) n. Pron.: lo

  • cognition ▷AW
  • intellect ▷HVG MD
  • Skt. buddhi. intellect [Samkhya Tenets]
  • རང་ཡུལ་འཛིན་པ། (བློ། རིག་པ། ཤེས་པ་རྣམས་དོན་གཅིག) [Definition] ▷KPH
  • རང་ཡུལ་འཛིན་པ་ཡུལ་ཅན། [Definition] ▷KPH
  • Skt. बुद्धिः, buddhi, Pron.: buddhi. From Sanskrit: the power of forming and retaining conceptions and general notions, intelligence, reason, intellect, mind, discernment, judgement | perception | of which 5 kinds are enumerated, or with | 6 | comprehension, apprehension, understanding | with | or | knowledge of one's self. psychology | Intellect | the intellectual faculty or faculty of mental perception, the second of the 25 Tattvas | presence of mind, ready wit | an opinion, view, notion, idea, conjecture | thought about or meditation on | or | intention, purpose, design | with the intention of. designedly, deliberately | with a view to | in order to show favour | or | to make up one's mind, resolve, decide, with | with | or | impression, belief. notion (often | = considering as, taking for | right opinion, correct or reasonable view | a kind of metre | N. of the 5th •astrol. mansion | Intelligence personified (as a daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma and mother of Bodha) | N. of a woman, HPariś. [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. नटः, naṭa, Pron.: nata. From Sanskrit: fr. prec. | but | actor, dancer, mime | N. of a •partic. caste (sons of degraded Kshatriyas | Colosanthes Indica | Jonesia Asoka | a sort of reed | (in music) N. of a Rāga | N. of a man (who with his brother Bhaṭa built a Vihāra) [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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