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ཡུམ། (Wyl. yum) n. Pron.: yum

  • mother [Life of the Buddha] [The Four Considerations]
  • Skt. अम्बा, ambā, Pron.: amba. From Sanskrit: Ved. | or | in later Sanskrit | only, sometimes a mere interjection | a mother, good woman (as a title of respect) | N. of a plant | N. of Durgā (the wife of Śiva) | N. of an Apsaras | N. of a daughter of a king of Kāśī | N. of one of the seven Kṛttikās | a term in •astrol. (to denote the fourth condition which results from the conjunction of planets?). In the South Indian languages | is corrupted into | and is often affixed to the names of goddesses, and females in general | •Germ.: Amme | a nurse ; Old •Germ.: amma | Them.: ammo7n: ammŪn [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW