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ལྷ་མ་ཡིན། (Wyl. lha ma yin) n. Pron.: lha mayin

  • Skt. asura. [Classes of beings]
  • Demi-God/Asura Realm [Three Realms of Samsara] [Desire Realm] [Asura Realm]
  • Skt. असुरः, asura, Pron.: asura. From Sanskrit: spiritual, incorporeal, divine | a spirit, good spirit, supreme spirit (said of Varuṇa) | the chief of the evil spirits | an evil spirit, demon, ghost, opponent of the gods | [these Asuras are often regarded as the children of Diti by Kaśyapa | as such they are demons of the first order in perpetual hostility with the gods, and must not be confounded with the Rākshasas or imps who animate dead bodies and disturb sacrifices | a N. of Rāhu | the sun | a cloud | N. of a warrior-tribe | of a Vedic school [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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