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ལྷས་བྱིན། (Wyl. lhas byin) n. Pron.: lhejin

  • Devadatta [Life of the Buddha]
  • Skt. Devadatta. Devadatta, the jealous cousin [Names] [Buddha's Contemporaries]
  • Skt. देवदत्तः, devadatta, Pron.: devadatta. From Sanskrit: god-given | N. of Arjuna's conch-shell | of one of the vital airs (which is exhaled in yawning) | N. of a cousin (or younger brother) and opponent of Gautama Buddha | of a son of Uru-śravas and father of Agni-veśya | of a son of the Brāhman Govinda-datta | of a son of Hari-datta | of a son of king Jayadatta | of •sev. authors | of a Nāga | of a Grāma of the Bāhīkas | a common N. for men used in gr., •phil. [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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