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ལྷུང་བཟེད། (Wyl. lhung bzed ) n. Pron.: lhungzé

  • alms-bowl [Attributes and Implements]
  • begging bowl [Pratimoksha Vows]
  • Skt. पात्रम्, pātra, Pron.: patra. From Sanskrit: a drinking-vessel, goblet, bowl, cup, dish, pot, plate, utensil, any vessel or receptacle | a meal (as placed on a dish) | the channel of a river | a capable or competent person, an adept in, master of | any one worthy of or fit for or abounding in | or | an actor or an actor's part or character in a play | a leaf | propriety, fitness | an order, command | or | a measure of capacity (= 1 Āḍhaka) | a king's counsellor or minister [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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