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ཤིང། (Wyl. shing ) n. Pron.: shing

  • wood [Astrology] [Five Elements]
  • Skt. क्षेत्रम्, kṣetra, Pron.: kshetra. From Sanskrit: landed property, land, soil | 'lord of the soil', N. of a kind of tutelary deity | also | 'mistress of the soil', and | 'the lord of the soil', N. of tutelary deities | 'soil of merit', a Buddha or any holy person | a field | 'to cultivate a field' | place, region, country | a house | a town | department, sphere of action | place of origin, place where anything is found | a sacred spot or district, place of pilgrimage | as Benares | often | an enclosed plot of ground, portion of space, superficies | of a small circuit | (in •geom.) a plane figure (as a triangle, circle) enclosed by lines, any figure considered as having geometrical dimensions | a diagram | a planetary orbit | a zodiacal sign | an astrological mansion | (in chiromancy) certain portions marked out on the palm | 'fertile soil', the fertile womb, wife | the body (considered as the field of the indwelling soul) | (in Sāṃkhya •phil.) [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. वृक्षः ॑ वृक्षाउ ॑ वृक्षाः, vṛkṣaḥ ; vṛkṣāu ; vṛkṣāḥ, Pron.: vrikshah ; vrikshau ; vrikshah [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP