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ས་འཚོ་མ། (Wyl. sa 'tsho ma) n. Pron.: sa tso ma

  • Gopa (wife) [Life of the Buddha]
  • Skt. Gopā. Gopā, Buddha's first wife [Names] [Buddha's Contemporaries]
  • Skt. गोपी, gopī, Pron.: gopi. From Sanskrit: a cowherd's wife | a cow-herdess, milkmaid (•esp. the cowherdesses of Vṛindāvana, companions of Kṛishṇa's juvenile sports, considered sometimes as holy or celestial personages | pp. 113 and 136 | a protectress, female guardian | nature | Abrus precatorius [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW