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སྡེ། (Wyl. sde) n. Pron.:

  • Skt. varga. group [Sanskrit Grammar Terms]
  • Skt. वर्गः, varga, Pron.: varga. From Sanskrit: accented only in | fr. | one who excludes or removes or averts | a separate division, class, set, multitude of similar things (animate or inanimate), group, company, family, party, side (mostly | often | for sg. | as | seven such classes being given, viz. | 'the class of Guttural letters' | or | 'the Palatals' | 'the Cerebrals' | 'the Dentals' | 'the Labials' | 'the Semivowels' | 'the Sibilants', and the aspirate¨#{h}¨ | and | everything comprehended under any department or head, everything included under a category, province or sphere of. | a section, chapter, division of a book, | which | to the mere mechanical division, contains 8 Āshṭakas or 64 Adhyāyas or 2006 Vargas | and a similar subdivision in the Bṛihad-devatā | the square of a number | square of five | strength | N. of a country [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW