Bodhicharyavatara Chapter 2 Outline

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Bodhicharyavatara Chapter Two: Confession - topical outline based on the commentary by Khenpo Kunpal.

I. The Making of Offerings (The eight branch offering)

A. Material Offerings

  1. The Offering of One’s Possessions (1)
  2. The Offering of Things Unowned (2–7)
  3. The Offering of One’s Body (8–9)

B. Offerings Manifested by the Power of the Mind

  1. The Offering of a Ceremonial Bath (10–13)
  2. Offerings of Pleasant Substances (14–19)

C. Offerings Made Through the Power of Aspiration (20–21) D. The Unsurpassable Offering (22)

D. The Offering of Melodious Praise (23)

II. An Act of Veneration / Prostrations (24–25)

III. Taking Refuge

A. The General Principles of Refuge

  1. The Cause of Refuge
  2. The Essence of Refuge
  3. The Different Kinds of Refuge

i) An Explanation of Provisional Causal Refuge

ii) An explanation of Ultimate Resultant Refuge

iii) Refuge According To the Bodhicharyavatara

  1. An Explanation of Hinayana Refuge
  2. An Explanation of Mahayana Refuge (26)
  3. The General Way of Taking Refuge
    1. Refuge Precepts

IV Confession of negative actions

A. The visualization of the witnesses of one’s confession (27)

B. The confession itself

  1. The strength of regretting that one has done wrong (28-46)
  2. The strength of support (47 – 53)
  3. The strength of the remedial practice (54 – 65)
  4. The strength of amendment