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Dudjom Lingpa (Tib. བདུད་འཇོམས་གླིང་པ་, Wyl. bdud 'joms gling pa) aka Chakong Tertön (Tib. ལྕགས་སྐོང་གཏེར་སྟོན, Wyl. lcags skong gter ston) (1835-1904) — a great Nyingma master and tertön whose revelations fill twenty volumes. He was considered to be the emanation of Khye'u Chung Lotsawa, one of the twenty-five disciples of Guru Rinpoche. His immediate incarnation, born even before he himself passed away, was Dudjom Rinpoche.

His Writings & Termas

His Four Major Termas Cycles

The Dudjom Tersar lineage includes four major cycles of Dudjom Lingpa, the first three being gongter, and the last one sater:

  1. The Maha-Ati Yoga Zabchö Gongpa Rangdrol cycle ('The Gathered Peaceful Deities’ Naturally Liberated Wisdom Mind'), with practices of Chenrezik
  2. The Daknang Yeshe Drawa cycle ('The Wisdom Net of Pure Visions'), which contains Chö practices based on Tröma Nakmo, as well as the Neluk Rangjung and Sherik Dorje Nӧnpo Gyü tantras.
  3. The Chönyi Namkhai Longdzö cycle ('The Vast Space Treasury of the Nature of Reality’), which also contains Chö practices based on Tröma Nakmo
  4. The Zabsang Khandro Nyingtik cycle (‘The Profound Doctrine of the heart Essence of the Dakinis’), which contains the Namchak Pudri Vajrakilaya practice.

His Sons

He was the father of eight important tulkus:

  1. Dodrupchen Jikmé Tenpé Nyima (1865-1926)
  2. Tulku Pema Dorje (1867-1934), an incarnation of Dragyur Marpo Lotsawa.
  3. Khyentse Tulku Dzamling Wangyal (1868/9-1907), an incarnation of Do Khyentse Yeshe Dorje, father of Dzongter Kunzang Nyima.
  4. Namtrul Mipham Dorje, tulku of Cheyö Rigdzin Chenmo (b.1879, died young)
  5. Tulku Trimé Özer (1881-1924)
  6. Tulku Lhatop (1884/5-1942), an incarnation of Shechen Aphpong Tulku
  7. Tulku Namkha Jikmé of Dzachukha (1888-1960), an incarnation of Patrul Rinpoche
  8. Tulku Dorje Dradül (1891/2-1959)
  • Apang Tertön (1895-1945) is also considered to have been miraculously conceived through Dudjom Lingpa's enlightened intent (Tib. དགོངས་པ་, Wyl. dgongs pa).

Khenpo Jikme Phuntsok's family is also related to Dudjom Lingpa since Khenpo Jikme Phuntsok’s great-great father was Chakhung Chögyé—the younger brother of Dudjom Lingpa. [1]

His Reincarnations

Dudjom Lingpa had five emanations[2]:

  1. Sonam Deutsen (1910-1958), the enlightened body emanation, was born to Tulku Trimé Özer
  2. Dzongter Kunzang Nyima (1904-1958), the enlightened speech emanation, was born to Khyentse Tulku Dzamling Wangyal
  3. Dudjom Rinpoche (1904-1987), the enlightened mind emanation
  4. Tulku Pednam, the enlightened qualities emanation
  5. Tulku Natsok Rangdrol (1904-1958), the enlightened activity emanation, who was Gyatrul Rinpoche's root lama

Further Reading

  • Traktung Dudjom Lingpa, A Clear Mirror: The Visionary Autobiography of a Tibetan Master, translated by Chonyi Drolma, North Atlantic Books, 2011


  1. The family line is the following:
    • Chakhung Aten
      • Dudjom Lingpa (first son)
      • Chakhung Chögyé (second son)
        • Néchok
          • Peti, who married Yudok
            • Khenpo Jikme Phuntsok
  2. According to Gyatrul Rinpoche.

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