Dzatrul Kunzang Namgyal

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Dzatrul Kunzang Namgyal (Tib. ཛཿ་སྤྲུལ་ཀུན་བཟང་རྣམ་རྒྱལ་,་Wyl. dzaH sprul kun bzang rnam rgyal) (b. 19th century) — one of the main teachers of Tertön Sogyal, from Katok Monastery.


He was born into the family of his predecessor, Dzatrul Sönam Namgyal. He studied at the feet of many great masters, including the omniscient Katok Situ Chökyi Lodrö, the great siddha Pema Dündul, the vidyadhara Sönam Palden, and the two Jamgöns, Khyentse and Kongtrul. He perfected the practice of studying, contemplating and meditating on all the empowerments, instructions and advice for whatever remained of the traditions of earlier generations of Katok masters, and all the vajrayana transmissions of the school of Ancient Translations. In so doing, he became like the crowning glory of all the holders of Katok's aural transmission. His students who maintained the lineage included many learned and accomplished masters who gained all the qualities that are signs of progress on the path, including the great khenpo Atop Rinpoche Tupten Gyaltsen Özer, the great tertön Lerab Lingpa, Trimé Ösal Lingpa, Situ Chökyi Gyatso, Drodul Pawo Dorje, and Dza Könchok Lama.[1]


  1. Biography based on rgyal ba kaH thog pa’i lo rgyus mdor bsdus

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