Guardians of the ten directions

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Vaishravana - Guardian of the North

Guardians of the ten directions (Tib. ཕྱོགས་སྐྱོང་བཅུ་, chokkyong chu, Wyl. phyogs skyong bcu):

  1. Indra in the east;
  2. Yamaraja in the south;
  3. Varunapati (Water God) in the west;
  4. Vaishravana in the north;
  5. Agnideva (Fire God) in the south-east;
  6. Nairptah in the south-west;
  7. Vayudeva (Wind God) in the north-west;
  8. Ishvani in the north-east;
  9. Brahma at the zenith (above); and
  10. Bhumipati (Earth Goddess) at the nadir (below).

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