Gyüluk Phurba

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Gyüluk Phurba (Tib. རྒྱུད་ལུགས་ཕུར་པ་, Wyl. rgyud lugs phur pa) or Vajrakilaya Tantra Tradition — a Vajrakilaya practice which arose in the wisdom mind of Jikmé Lingpa, but which is at the same time extracted from the tantras. Therefore it is considered both a treasure revelation or terma and the Word of the Buddha or kama. When Jikmé Lingpa was doing retreat in Paro Taktsang he had a vision of one of the twenty-five disciples of Guru Rinpoche, Palgyi Sengé, who explained how to arrange the practice.

Jikme Lingpa himself wrote texts on how to perform a drupchen, and later additions were made by the third Dodrupchen Jikme Tenpe Nyima and the fourth Dodrupchen Tubten Trinlé Pal Zang. The fourth Dodrupchen Rinpoche established a drupchen practice at Chorten Monastery, held once every three years.