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Peaceful Deities from the Mandala of Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities

Key to the Precious Treasury: A Brief Overview of the Glorious Secret Essence Tantra (Tib. མཛོད་ཀྱི་ལྡེ་མིག་, Wyl. mdzod kyi lde mig) is Dodrupchen Jikmé Tenpé Nyima's famous commentary to the Guhyagarbha Tantra.

In the life and liberation of Tertön Sogyal it says: "For days the scholar-hermit spoke about the origin of the tantric teachings in this world, and laid bare the most sublime meaning of mantra, mudra, mandala, empowerment, samaya, and other elements crucial to a yogi's practice. Tertön Sogyal sat by his side working as the scribe with a bamboo quill and rice paper. The Commentary was entitled The Key to the Precious Treasury, and Dodrupchen would say after they finished composing the treatise that it exposed his heart."[1]

Tibetan Text

དཔལ་གསང་བའི་སྙིང་པོའི་རྒྱུད་ཀྱི་སྤྱི་དོན་ཉུང་ངུའི་ངག་གིས་རྣམ་པར་འབྱེད་པ་རིན་ཆེན་མཛོད་ཀྱི་ལྡེ་མིག་, dpal gsang ba'i snying po'i rgyud kyi spyi don nyung ngu'i ngag gis rnam par 'byed pa rin chen mdzod kyi lde mig



  • Dodrupchen Jigme Tenpa'i Nyima, Key to the Precious Treasury: A Concise Commentary on the General Meaning of the "Glorious Secret Essence Tantra", translated by Lama Chönam and Sangye Khandro of the Light of Berotsana Translation Group, Snow Lion, 2010
  • Nathaniel DeWitt Garson, Penetrating the Secret Essence Tantra: Context and Philosophy in the Mahāyoga System of rNying-ma Tantra, unpublished PhD dissertation, University of Virginia, 2004 (includes a translation of the first section)

Teachings Given to the Rigpa Sangha


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