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Kham (Tib. ཁམས་, Wyl. khams), often translated as Eastern Tibet, is one of the three main provinces of Tibet (the others being Ü-Tsang and Amdo.)

Four Rivers & Six Ranges

Traditionally, Kham is said to cover the area known as the 'four rivers and six ranges' (Tib. ཆུ་བཞི་སྒང་དྲུག་, chushyi gang druk). The 'four rivers' are the

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The 'six ranges' are the

  • Zalmo Range (Tib. ཟལ་མོ་སྒང་, Wyl. zal mo sgang),
  • Tsawa Range (Tib. ཚ་བ་སྒང་, Wyl. tsha ba sgang),
  • Markham Range (Tib. སྨར་ཁམས་སྒང་, Wyl. smar khams sgang),
  • Minyak-rab Range (Tib. མི་ཉག་རབ་སྒང་, Wyl. mi nyag rab sgang),
  • Pobor Range (Tib. སྤོ་འབོར་སྒང་, Wyl. spo 'bor sgang), and
  • Mardza Range (Tib. དམར་རྫ་སྒང་, Wyl. dmar rdza sgang).

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