Zalmo Range

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Zalmo Range (Tib. ཟལ་མོ་སྒང་, zalmo gang, Wyl. zal mo sgang) or Dridza Zalmo Gang (Tib. བྲི་རྫ་ཟལ་མོ་སྒང་, dri dza zalmo gang, Wyl. ‘bri rdza zal mo sgang) is one of the six districts of the Six Range East Tibet. It is a highland between the Drichu and Sharda (Wyl. shar zla) rivers. It is the general name for the present day region that includes Palyul, Dergé, Denma (Wyl. ldan ma), Nyarong, Sershul (Wyl. ser shul) in particular.