Khenpo Kunpal - Bodhicharyavatara - Chapter 4: Carefulness (MP3)

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Content of all chapters: Shedra East MP3

Khenpo Sönam Tobden's teaching MP3's

The Shedra group on prilgrimage in the Kathmandu valley: Shawn, our guide, updates Adam

Recorded during Shedra East 2006-2007 in Pharping / Nepal

Chapter 4, Carefulness

Chapter 4, Carefulness, the root downfalls of (forsaking bodhichitta of) aspiration and application

Chapter 4, Carefulness, detailed explanation

Khenpo Sönam Tobden and Stefan, the second translator of the Shedra class

break due to empowerment and pilgrimage

Chapter 4, Carefulness, precious human condition

Chapter 4, Carefulness, precious human condition cont., importance of practicing virtue

Chapter 4, Carefulness, the defects of negative emotions (cont.)

Chapter 4, Carefulness, how to abandon emotional defilements