Khu Sherab Tsöndrü

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Khu Sherab Tsöndrü (khu shes rab brtson ‘grus) (1075-1143) was born in the Wood Hare year of the first calendrical cycle (1075) into the same family as Khutön Tsöndrü Yungdrung. Taking Dré Sherab Bar as his teacher, he studied Prajnaparamita. When Ar Changchub Yeshe was giving explanations of Prajnaparamita in Namtsedeng and Shyu Kungarawa, by studying and reflecting assiduously, he gained expert understanding, and, going on to teach at Tangpoché, he gained many followers of his own. Teaching further in places such as Möndro and Lharu, his enlightened activity flourished. Shyang Yepa Mönlam Tsultrim was also his student. In the Water Pig year of the second cycle (1143), at the age of 69, he passed into the realm of peace. It is said that among his writings were three commentaries on the prajnaparamita, brief, medium-sized and extensive. Recently, the clear explanation of the words and meaning of the Abhisamayalankara (which is perhaps the medium-sized commentary referred to above)[1] has been published as part of the series of works by Kadampa masters.


  1. contained in volume Phyi Tsha 10 in the Nechu Lhakhang of Drepung Monastery

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