Lama Chimed Namgyal

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'Lama Chime Namgyal

Lama Chimed Namgyal was a nyingma master, a direct student of Dudjom Rinpoche, and the father of Khenpo Palden Sherab and Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal.

Lama Chime Namgyal was born and raised in the Dhoshul region of Kham in eastern Tibet near the sacred mountain Jowo Zegyal. His family was steeped in Vajrayana for generations, and it is said that among their ancestors were many great scholars and practitioners[1].

Lama Chime Namgyal's family inherited the responsibility of administering the local monastery, Gochen Monastery, and his father was chant master in charge of ritual ceremonies.

Khenpo Palden Sherab and Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal said that as children, should they awaken at anytime during the night, they could always hear their father reciting his prayers or chanting his mantras.

After having fled Tibet to India with his two sons, Lama Chime Namgyal followed them in he USA and help his sons establish their center Padma Samye Ling.


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