Mipham Rinpoche Timeline

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Mipham Rinpoche

Mipham Rinpoche Timeline

1846 (birth, age 1)

  • 29th day of the 4th Tibetan month: Birth in the region of Dergé in eastern Tibet.

1852 (age 7)

1857 (age 10)

  • Composes a few short texts.

1859 (age 12)

  • Enters Jumohor Monastery (a branch of Shechen Monastery) and takes novice ordination vows.

1859 (age 14)

  • Goes to Golok due to the onset of the Nyakrong wars.

1860 (age 15)

1861 (age 16)

1863 (age 18)

  • Pilgrimage to Central Tibet with uncle. [3]

Water Monkey 1872 (age 27)

Composes commentary to Changkya Rolpé Dorje's Song on the View at the behest of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo.

Fire Mouse 1876 (age 31)

Words to Delight My Teacher Manjughosha

Fire Mouse year (1876), commentary on Ornament of the Middle Way.

Fire Ox 1877 (age 32)

Warrior Song of Drala

Thus, on the twenty-fourth day of the third month of the Fire Ox year (1877), this was spontaneously composed by lamp light.

Söllo Chenmo (Gesar Practice)

This offering and invocation, as it arose in the mind of the White Rhinoceros Werma was first written down during the three years of the Fire Ox (1877), Earth Hare (1879) and Iron Dragon (1880) of the 15th calendrical cycle, and completed on the eighteenth of the month of Saga Dawa in the Iron Dragon year.

1878 (age 33)

Norbu Ketaka on Bodhicharyavatara, Chapter 9

August 9th according to Schuh.

Earth Hare 1879 (age 34)


This was composed on the first day of the seventh month of the Earth Hare year (1879) by one named Dhih.

Iron Dragon 1880 (age 35)

  • 8th of the sixth month: Gesar practice.

Wood Bird 1885 (age 40)

Dön Nam Ngé Sherab Raldri

[Check Year!!] 29th of the 3rd month. Requested by Lobsang Gyaltsen.

Essence of Clear Light

Fire Dog 1886 (age 41)

Jampal Dzogpachenpo

This was undertaken at the command of Jetsünma Dekyong Yeshe Wangmo, who is renowned as being an incarnation of the dakini Varahi, at the fortunate time of the fourth day in the third month [AP: of the Fire Dog year (1886)], accompanied by an auspicious scarf and the precious ornament of a crystal rosary.

1889 (age 44)

rGal lan nyin byed snang ba

A Reply to Criticism (of his commentary on the 9th Chapter of the Bodhicaryavatara) finished on June 11th according to Goodman.

Iron Hare 1891 (age 46)

The Lion's Roar: A Commentary on Sugatagarbha

Treatise on buddha nature. Written in two days in Saga Dawa. The text was completed in 1891 after additional supplements were added to an earlier version.

Chegom Khorloma

This was written by Mipham Nampar Gyalwa in the Iron Hare year [1891] on the 18th day of the ripening month (Pleiades).

1894 (age 49)

Commentary on Madhyantavibhanga, written at Katok Dorje Den during the eighth and ninth months. He was there teaching Katok Situ.

Fire Monkey 1896 (age 51)

Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones

Fire Bird 1897 (age 52)

Prayer which is the Source of All True Realization (trulpé guru tsen gyé dang)

This arose from the lake of the mind of Jampal Dorje at dawn on the first day of the waxing moon of the month of Pleiades in the Fire Bird year (1897).

Iron Ox 1901 (age 56)

White Lotus

Completes The White Lotus, his famous explanation of the Seven Line Prayer, in the sixth month of the Iron Ox (1901) while staying at his hermitage in Dzogchen Shri Singha.


Requested by Sherab Ösel. Finished the ten topics (gnas bcu) in the winter of the Iron Ox (1901). Finished at Dzogchen Monastery in the Water Tiger (1902).

Water Tiger 1902 (age 57)

Finishes the Khenjuk at Dzogchen Monastery in the Water Tiger (1902).

Water Hare 1903 (age 58)

Swift Fulfilment of All Wishes (lungta prayer)

These verses, which are of an auspicious number, were written in the Water Hare year (1903) on the auspicious occasion of the tenth day of the ninth month, in the hermitage of Padma Samten Deden Ling in Rudam, by Mipham Nampar Gyalwa. May virtue and goodness abound!

1904 (age 59)

(shing ‘brug)

sa bcad to the Khenjuk

Requested by Khenpo Sonam Chöphel Pal Zangpo and others, second month, written in hermitage (yang dben) in Rudam.

Fire Horse 1906 (age 61)

Lamp to Dispel Darkness

This profound instruction was written by Mipham Jampal Dorje on the twelfth day of the second month, in the Fire Horse year (1906), for the benefit of village yogis and others, who, while not able to exert themselves too much in study and contemplation, still wish to take the very essence of mind into experience through practice. It has been set out in language that is easy to understand, in accordance with the experiential guidance of a great many old realized masters. Virtue! Mangalam!

1908 (age 63)

Kalachakra commentary.

1909 (age 64)

Commentary on Kavyadarsha.

1912 (age 67)

  • 29th day of the 4th Tibetan month: passing into parinirvana.


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  2. according to Douglas Duckworth
  3. According to Gene Smith.