Nang Jang

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The Nang Jang is a collection of the most secret instructions Dudjom Lingpa received through a serie of visions of various enlightened beings, like Vajradhara himself, Vajrayogini, Ekajati and the such.

These instructions point out the view of Dzogchen. This text focuses primary on Trekchö, and is of central importance in the Dudjom Tradition.

Accordind to Dudjom Lingpa, the Nang Jang is "a direct transmission of Dudjom Lingpa's Dzogchen approach so powerful that even hearing it read aloud ensures that the listener will eventually escape the suffering of samsara."

According to Dudjom Rinpoche, "The Nangjang was prepared as an inexhaustible treasure trove of the gift of the Buddha's teachings, the relics of the dharmakaya."


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  • Refining Our Perception of Reality, Sera Khandro's Commentary on Dudjom Lingpa's Account of His Visionary Journey

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