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Nechung Oracle (Tib. གནས་ཆུང་སྐུ་རྟེན་, né chung ku ten, Wyl. gnas chung sku rten) is the state oracle of Tibet, who communicates with the deity Pehar, usually indirectly, via the lesser deities Dorje Drakden and Shingjachen.

Past & Present Oracles

  • The previous oracle, Lobsang Jigme (1930-1984) was the twelfth state oracle.
  • The present oracle, Ven. Thupten Ngodup was born in Tibet in 1958 and is a descendant of the famous master, Nyang Ral Nyima Özer (1136-1204). Following the Chinese invasion, he fled with his parents into exile to India and later joined the Nechung Monastery as a novice monk in 1971. In 1987, he was recognized as the true successor of the previous Nechung Oracle, Lobsang Jigme, who passed away in 1984, and was officially enthroned in 1988.

Further Reading

  • John F. Avedon, In Exile from the Land of Snows, pp. 193-198, 200-202, 210-212 (referring to the previous oracle, Lobsang Jigme)
  • Christopher Bell, Nechung: The Ritual History and Institutionalization of a Tibetan Buddhist Protector Deity, 2013

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