Netik Phurba

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Netik Phurba or Heart Essence of Vajrakilaya (Wyl. gnad tig phur ba), also known as the Nyengyü Phurba or Oral Transmission Vajrakilaya (Wyl. snyan brgyud phur ba), is a Vajrakilaya practice which Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo received through oral transmission (nyen gyü), one of the seven authoritative transmissions.

When Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo was staying at the Dzongshö Palace of the Sugatas, one of the five places of enlightened qualities, he had a profound experience of realisation. Then he found himself in the Shitavana charnel ground by the Shankarakuta stupa in the presence of the nine great vidyadharas, the recipients of the Kagyé. Guru Shakya Sengé transmitted to him the instruction of this Heart Essence of Vajrakilaya, according to what Prabhahasti had transmitted to him.


The empowerment for Netik Phurba was given by: