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Nyilok Tekchen Chöling (Tib. ཉི་ལོག་ཐེག་ཆེན་ཆོས་གླིང་, Wyl. nyi log theg chen chos gling) aka Chöpen Chenpo Karchok Gön (Tib. ཅོད་པན་ཆེན་པོ་དཀར་ཕྱོགས་དགོན, Wyl. cod pan chen po dkar phyogs dgon) is a Drukpa Kagyü monastery in northern Powo, Tibet.[1]


Nyilog Tekchen Chöling is located on the banks of the Potö Chu. It is close to Shulmo Monastery.[2]


Originally, a stupa containing the physical remains of Tsangpa Gyaré Yeshe Dorje was erected at the site, along with the monastery. Legend has it that Tokden Repa Drukse (Wyl. rtogs ldan ras pa ‘brug sras) had his horse grazing close to the reliquary. Two men came and killed the horse, starting to chop it up with their knifes. Thereupon, the horse miraculously came back to life, showing the signs of having obtained spiritual accomplishments.[3]


The monastery featured reliquary stupas of Tsangpa Gyaré Yeshe Dorje, other Drukpa masters and of Tertön Chöje Pema Wangdü (Wyl. chos rje padma dbang ‘dus).


Chöje Lingpa (18th c.) mentioned the place in one of his prayers. At one moment in time, the monastery was burnt down by the Chinese Amban soldiers who raided the country of Powo. After the Ambans had returned to China, Chöje Pema Wangdü and the family of Nyi had the monastery rebuilt.

Main Practices

The main lineages practised at Nyilok Tekchen Chöling includes Mahamudra, Chakrasamvara and other practices of the Drukpa Kagyü lineage.


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