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Nyingma Gyübum - Compilation Index—a new and fully digitised compilation of the tantras of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, based on the Derge edition, together with the Tsamdrak, Ting-kyé en Druk Gang Teng. It was compiled by the Paltsek Böyik Pényik Shyibjuk Khang (Wyl. dpal brtsegs bod yig dpe snyig zhib 'jug khang) and printed at the Minorities Publishing House. It was edited by Tubten Nyima and Drodul Dorjé.

Volume 13

  • Oceanic Tantra, from the Magical Net, which Gradually Shows the Path of Method (thabs lam rim gyis ston pa sgyu 'phrul rgya mtsho). Translated by Vimalamitra and [[Nyak Jñanakumara].
    • Gyurme Dorje mentions that this tantra emphasises the immediate aspect of the path of skilful means (thabs lam cig char) or the generation stage (bskyed rim) of meditation. It concerns the five aspects of seminal "enlightened mind" (byang sems rnam lnga), which are established as the nature of all phenomena, and the emergence of the maṇḍalas of buddha-speech and buddha-mind therefrom, along with their consecrations and feast-offerings. The text then presents the path of this secret vehicle and its secret meanings, the engagement in the practice of the five impurities, and the transformation of the peaceful deities into their indestructible wrathful nature through which the mundane body, speech and mind are consecrated.
  • Exegetical Tantra of the Goddess, from the Magical Net (lha mo sgyu 'phrul drwa ba chen mo zhes bya ba'i rgyud, 84.000). Translated by Vilāsavajra and Ma Rinchen Chok.
    • Gyurme Dorje says that this tantra emphases the play of spiritual emanation that emerges from the nature of actual reality. It is an exegetical tantra known as the Tantra of the Goddess presents the maṇḍala of the buddhas and the way in which all obscurations are removed in relation to it. Through the blissful yoga associated with the body, speech and mind of all the buddhas, the experience of non-duality is thereby introduced. There then follows a chapter on the sacred dances which please the buddhas, and the commitments associated with the yogic practices relating to the experience of supreme bliss. In this way, the secret maṇḍala of all the buddhas is revealed in the real nature of their supreme buddha-body, speech and mind. Later the text discusses the emanation of the wrathful meditational deities, the wheel of pristine cognition which emerges from them, the mantra recitations which please them, and the gathering of acolytes by the Herukas. The text concludes with a short section on the key to the dissemination of the Fourfold Division of the Magical Net (sGyu sprul sde bzhi).
  • (gsang ba'i snying po de kho na nyid nges pa'i bla ma chen po) (84.000)
  • [22 chapter GSN](gsang ba'i snying po de kho na nyid nges pa)
  • (rdo rje sems dpa'i sgyu 'phrul drwa ba gsang ba thams cad kyi me long zhes bya ba'i rgyud) (root tantra?)
  • (sgyu 'phrul drwa ba rdo rje me long gi rgyud)
  • [80 chapter GSN] (gsang ba'i snying po de kho na nyid nges pa)

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