One day lay vows

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One day lay vows (Skt. upavāsatha; Tib. བསྙེན་གནས་, nyen né, Wyl. bsnyen gnas) — one of the pratimoksha vows which comprise eight specific vows which are kept for one day (Skt. aṣṭāṅgopavāsatha śikṣā; Wyl. bsnyen gnas yan lag brgyad; Tib. བསྙེན་གནས་ nyen né):

  1. not to kill
  2. not to steal
  3. not to have sexual intercourse
  4. not to lie
  5. not to take any intoxicants
  6. not to sing or dance
  7. not to eat after noon
  8. not to use high seats or luxurious beds


Indian Texts

Tibetan Texts

  • The Blissful Path of Action Tantra: A Ritual for Taking the One-Day Vows of a Lay Practitioner (bsnyen gnas kyi cho ga bya rgyud bde lam), by Jigme Lingpa.
  • How to Keep the Eight One-Day Vows of a Lay Practitioner (bsnyen gnas yan lag brgyad pa'i sdom pa srung thabs), by Patrul Rinpoche.