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Ratnashikhin (Skt. Ratnaśikhin; Tib. རིན་ཆེན་གཙུག་ཏོར་ཅན།, Rinchen Tsuktor Chen, Wyl. rin chen gtsug tor can) — a buddha of the past mentioned in some sutras, such as The Chapter on Medicines, and Kriya tantras such as The Root Manual for the Rites of Manjushri. In this latter context, he presented as the first of eight blessed buddhas.

Previously, when this buddha was practising bodhisattva conduct, he made this commitment: “May anyone in the world realms in the ten directions who hears my name at the time of their death, after passing away, be reborn as a deva in the Heaven of the Thirty-Three.”[1]


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