Seven Treasuries

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The Seven Treasuries are works by the omniscientLongchenpa which represent the extensive, scholarly or pandita's approach, together with the Trilogy of Natural Freedom.

  • The wishfulfilling treasury, (Tib. yishyin dzö - yid bzhin mdzod)
  • The treasury of instructions (Tib. mengak dzö - man ngag mdzod). Available as English translation by Padma translations: Precious Treasure of Pith instructions
  • The treasury of dharmadhatu (Tib. chöying dzö - chos dbyings mdzod). Available as English Translation by Padma translations: The basic space of phenomena
  • The treasury of philosophical tenets (Tib. drubta dzö - grub mtha' mdzod)
  • The treasury of the supreme vehicle (Tib. tekchok dzö - theg mchog mdzod).
  • The treasury of word and meaning (Tib. tsik dön dzö - tshig don mdzod)
  • The treasury of the ultimate nature (Tib. neluk dzö - gnas lugs mdzod). Precious Treasury of the Way of Abiding

Other English translations available: