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Seven branches (Skt. saptāṅga; Wyl. yan lag bdun)

  1. prostration, the antidote to pride
  2. offering, the antidote to avarice
  3. confession, the antidote to aggression
  4. rejoicing, the antidote to jealousy
  5. requesting to turn the wheel of Dharma, the antidote to ignorance
  6. requesting not to pass into parinirvana, the antidote to wrong views[1]
  7. dedication of merit, the antidote to doubts

See also the eight branches.

Alternative Translations

  • Seven aspects of devotional practice
  • Sevenfold service (Dorje & Kapstein)
  • Seven limbs (Geshe Thupten Jinpa)


  1. In Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö's famous commentary on guru yoga, Yeshe Saldrön, requesting to turn the wheel of Dharma is said to be an antidote to holding wrong views, whereas requesting not to pass into parinirvana is given as the antidote to ignorance.

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