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Hi Yeshedorje, thank you for all your contributions, that's really great. But, could you perhaps take a bit more care regarding editorial guidelines? Reading your post afterwards again also helps, or perhaps somebody like Tsondru could help you a bit with editing?

Some points

  • footnotes go after punctuation marks[1], > ,[1]
  • You have ‘an incarnation of , and then end with Kongpo”.
  • hyperlinks should be created on first occurrence (only): Jikmé Lingpa ’s Longchen Nyingtik,
  • te > the
  • terma hyperlink mistake
  • as for references, I'm very bad at that as well, but please look here Editorial Guidelines. The title should be in italics.
  • a lost ')' at the end of the footnote
  • second footnote, if same, should have ibid

--Hankop (talk) 04:17, 25 November 2018 (CET)

Thanks for you care. You are right, I was in a rush and published this time too quickly ;-) I will edit the text. --Yeshedorje (talk) 23:59, 25 November 2018 (CET)