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Tempangma (Tib. ཐེམ་སྤངས་མ་, Wyl. them spangs ma) is a manuscript of the kangyur that was created in Gyantse in 1431 on the order of the ruler Rabten Kunzang Pakpa (1389-1442). It consists of 111 volumes. It is thought that the original might still be found in Gyantse. It was copied many times, especially during the reign of the great Fifth Dalai Lama. Two important copies of the Tempangma are the one presented to the Mongols in 1671, which is currently in the State Library at Ulan Bator, and one made in the mid-nineteenth century and offered to the Japanese monk-traveller Ekai Kawaguchi, which is now owned by Toyo Bunko in Tokyo.