Tertön Sogyal's Collected Works Volume One

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VOL. 1: Miscellaneous Works

  1. Gojé Sangdak Kor, The Cycle of the Lord of the Mysteries, (sgo ‘byed gsang bdag skor), p.3-62.
  2. Sangdak Rikchik Kor, The Cycle of the Unique Cland of the Lord of the Mysteries, (gsang bdag rigs gcig skor), p.63-68.
  3. Sangdak Shyitro Drildrub, The Combined Practice of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities of the Lord of the Mysteries, (gsang bdag zhi khro dril sgrub), p.89-94.
  4. Zablam Chiyi Ngöndro Rigdzin Nyurlam, The General Preliminaries of the Profound Path, The Swift Path of the Rigdzin, (zab lam spyi yi sngon’gro rig ‘dzin myur lam), p.95-100.
  5. Tatri Drollam Chakchen, The Instructions on the View, The Great Symbol of the Path to Freedom (lta khrid grol lam phyag chen), p.101-106.
  6. Padma Tuktik I, The Heart Essence of Padma (padma thugs tig I), p. 107-108.
  7. Rigdzin Düpa, The Gathering of Vidyadharas (rig ‘dzin ‘dus pa), p. 109-366.
  8. Tukdrup, The Heart Practice (thugs sgrub), p. 367-388.
  9. Lama Kündü Ngödrub Gyatso, The Union with the Lamas, The Ocean of Accomplishments (la ma kun ‘dus dngos grub rgya mtsho), p. 557-774.
  10. Palden Lhamo (dpal ldan lha mo), p. 557-774.
  11. Tendrel Nyesel, The Dissipation of Dependent Origination (rten ‘brel nyes sel), p. 775-940.


  1. This whole index is based on the work of Jean-Luc ACHARD, « Pema Thugtik Les Perles du Lotus », Khyung-Lung, Sumène, France, 2010, p91-97.

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