Three actions of forsaking, joining and attaining

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The three actions of forsaking, joining and reaching (Tib. བུད་སྙེགས་ཐོབ་གསུམ་, bü nyek tob sum, Wyl. bud snyegs thob gsum), which are counted among the ten innermost riches of the Kadampas, are:

  1. Forsake the ranks of people (Tib. མི་གྲལ་ནས་བུད་, mi dral né bü, Wyl. mi gral nas bud)
  2. Join the ranks of dogs (Tib. ཁྱི་གྲལ་གྲལ་སྙེགས་, khyi dral nyek, Wyl. khyi gral snyegs)
  3. Attain the ranks of the gods (Tib. ལྷ་གྲལ་ཐོབ་, lha dral tob, Wyl. lha gral thob)