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First -- remember (or remind yourself) where we all come from. We all come from mothers. To be more specific -- our mothers and our grandmothers and so forth and so on. Meanwhile we can think about the Wolly Mammoth and the Ibis and where they went some tens of thousands of years ago. It certainly won't harm anyone to think of Earth and it's former inhabitants -- those that existed before we got here.

Before we can become spritual practioners we need to pass from the first 3 lower rhealms. The 4th (if we awaken to that level) is that of the heart.

The story of the birth of the Buddha begins with a virgin birth of the Buddha out from the side of his (or her) mother (from around the solar plexus/stomach region.) Out of the animal rhealm and into the spiritual rhealm delves this primordial being whom has purified his or her past.

The swaztika in Tibetan Buddhism. (Briefly) I like to touch on this as not to loose important aspects of this culture and to get back the original meaning before the Nazi era stigma was attributed to it. Traditionally the swaztika symbol was said to have been sat on. This also represents the 4 elemental syllables (four 'prongs' or 'forks' of the swasztika.) The first is AUM, the primordial speech sound and the fourth has no name, essentially wordless and indescribable because it's meaning cannot be encapsulated. Therefore any 'thing' such as a word or avatar is not ascribed to 'it' because of ... loosely remaining the 'fourth thing'. The four prongs also connote birth, life, death and immortality. Commonly associated with the Bön lineage.

Everything we say and communicate boils down to metaphors. Even the way the universe is laid out rests upon a universal ordering principle (Tib. -- universal ordering principle) that reflects back to us -- our sounds, myths, and waves. It is all described in metaphors of experience like 'how large or small compared to something we know about' or 'how bright or dim compared to a phenomenon that we have already measured.' Dreams are only metaphors too. Perhaps a single dreamer dreams a dream that all the other dreamers could have at one point, either concurrently with the original dreamer or many lifetimes later after being gently nudged into recognition of it's familiarity. Hmmm. Perhaps the dream projected itself up into the stratoshpere and then hung around for a few hundred years, awaiting the right dream recipient. That sort of dream sending exists and is possible just as the Native American's 'dream catching' is possible (the famous webbed 'dream-catcher' ornament given by Native Americans.)

In the word's of Paul Gaugain "I shut my eyes in order to see."