Dzongnang Rinpoche

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Dzongnang Rinpoche

The Second Dzongnang Rinpoche, Jampal Lodrö (Wyl. rdzong nang 'jam dpal blo gros) (1931-1987/8), was an important master of the Palyul lineage. His teachers included the Second Palyul Choktrul Rinpoche, Khenpo Nüden, Khenpo Lekshé Jorden, and Khenpo Gangshar. He was the author of a comprehensive list of Nyingma monasteries in Tibet called bod na bzhugs pa'i rnying ma'i dgon deb.

Further Reading

  • Ven. Tsering Lama Jampal Zangpo, A Garland of Immortal Wish-Fulfilling Trees: The Palyul Tradition of Nyingmapa, translated by Sangye Khandro, Snow Lion, 1988, pp.141-142

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