Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö's Collected Works Volume Four

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Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö’s Collected Works

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Dgongs gter ‘chi med ‘phags ma’i snying thig gi sgrub khog ye shes gter mdzod (1-87)

(written on the eighteenth of the fifth month of the Wood Bird year (1945) at the request of Princess Tsering Yudrön and the encouragement of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche)

‘chi med ‘phags ma snying thig gi skong ba (89-96)

(in the name of Kunzang Ösal Nyingpo Tsal)

dkon mchog spyi ‘dus brgyud ‘debs kha skongs sogs (97-103)

no colophon

yang gter rta mgrin gnyen po lha lnga’i brgyud ‘debs (105-106)

requested by Drungyik Tsering Tashi

rta mgrin rgyun khyer (107-108)

written by Chökyi Lodrö at the request of Sonam Gyaltsen

snyan brgyud rta mchog rol pa’i brgyud ‘debs (109-110)

By Chökyi Lodrö

snyan brgyud rta mgrin skong ba (111-112)

written while performing a tsok and fulfilment of Tamdrin in the cave of Pa O Wang Chen in the Wood Sheep year (1955)

yang dag rgyun khyer (113-114)

written by Chökyi Lodrö in Lhodrak Kharchu at the request of Sonam Gyaltsen.

snyan brgyud phur sbrag ma’i zab tig gi rdzogs rim gud sbas (115-119)

no colophon

snyan brgyud ma mo’i gnad tig gi brgyud ‘debs (121-122)

written in Gangtok, Sikkim on the 15th of the 11th month of the Fire Bird (1957)

mkha’ ‘gro gsang ‘dus brgyud ‘debs kha skongs (123-124)

by Dharmamati

bsang chu byin brlab dkar gtor bcas (125-126)

written by Chökyi Lodrö when the need arose

dza khang dbye ba ? bskul tho bum sgrub pa bcas (127-129)

no colophon

tshogs bsdus sman gyi rtogs brjod bcas (131-132)

By Pema Yeshe Dorje

chad tho (133-135)

By Chökyi Lodrö

‘jam dpal sgyu dra’i rgyud kyi dum bu’i ‘grel tika zin bris skor (137-220)

no colophon

dpal kye rdo rje’i mal dus shin tu bsdus pa (221-231)

when the two supreme tulkus of Kathok Situ and Shechen Gyaltsab were receiving the Lamdre teachings, Chökyi Lodrö wrote this to make it easier to practice. Even if there is not much need for it among holders of this tradition, it could be of some benefit to others listening to and practising these teachings

dpal rdo rje nag po chen po’i srung ‘khor rdo rje brag rdzong ma gsang sgrub dang bcas (233-309)

(a long colophon without much information about dates etc.)

bla ma rin ‘byung dang thang rgyal gyang skyabs sbrag sgrub kyi ‘don zin phyva g.yang ‘gugs pa’i lcags kyu (311-348)

Requested by the artist Lodrö Chöpel from Chakra Samdrup Tse.

dpal ldan dmag zor rgyal mo’i bstod pa bskang ba bcas (359-363)

page 351—written on the 8th of the first month of the Water Dragon (1952) at the request of Kunga, the gelong from Minyak

page 354—written in the Water Dragon year (1952)

page 358—[4-armed black Mahakala] requested by my nephew and secretary Lama Tsewang Paljor

yul skyong chen po rdo rje nga ‘dra seng chen rgyal po mched brgyad bsang gsol (365-408)

[Requested by Jamyang Puntsok Namgyal]

bzang spyod ‘don thabs sogs bsngo smon skor (409-472)

By Chökyi Lodrö

mngon dga’i zhing gi smon lam bde chen sgo ‘byed (473-479)

By Chökyi Lodrö