Yiong Tsangpo

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Yiong Tsangpo, courtesy of From Lion’s Jaws

Yiong Tsangpo (Wyl. yid’ong tshang po), aka Yigong Tsangpo or Yiong Chu, is a small river of north-west Powo, Tibet, and a tributary of the Parlung Tsangpo. Its source is in the Nyenchen Tanglha mountains, and it flows into the Parlung Tsangpo close to the town of Tangme.[1] Due to a major landslide, the Yiong Tso (‘The lake of Yiong’) was recently created. [2]

A green tea plantation has been established on the banks of the Yiong Tsangpo. Powo Samling is located on the banks of the Yiong Tsangpo.


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