Parlung Tsangpo

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Parlung Tsangpo, courtesy of Liu Bin,

Parlung Tsangpo (Tib: ཕར་ལུང་གཙང་པོ, Wyl. phar lung gtsang po) is a main river of the southern-eastern regions of Tibet, and the main geographical artery of the Powo region. The Parlung Tsangpo is also the largest tributary on the left side of the Yarlung Tsangpo. The source of the Parlung Tsangpo is the Arza Gongla Glacier, at an elevation of 4900m. It joins the Yarlung Tsangpo near the city of Mondrong, just before the Yarlung Tsangpo enters Pemakö.[1]

Among the tributaries of the Parlung Tsangpo are:

Among the Dharma places found on the Parlung Tsangpo’s banks are, from east to west:


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